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Role-playing game (abbreviated RPG) – flash porn games, where players play the role of the main characters in the invented scenario. It is necessary to make decisions on behalf of the heroes and to perform different actions on the basis of these decisions.

Project QT is a very interesting RPG game with lots of exciting puzzles and the sexiest girl characters in hentai style. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a whole game universe with an exciting storyline. Choose lecherous beauties, and fight on the battlefield and win points and prize bonuses online.
Different missions are available, as well as leveling up your character. Your main goal is to pass new levels and seduce characters in the game, score a lot of points and get bonuses in the form of sexy scenes, which you can save in your gallery.


This is a porn story about the legal years of a sexy student who is interested in nothing but losing her virginity. Choose her face and clothes, and be prepared for … simulate a girl who just needs to fuck, but there are still many problems in her life that need to be solved. From the point of view of the genre of porn game is similar to the simulation of a female student, combining two genres – visual animation (as there will be a lot of text along with all the images that will be inactive), and rpg (as our hero has many statistics and requirements that you will need to pay attention to). In addition, both of these genres have something in common – in some moments you will be allowed to make choices that may affect the further development of the story. In these scenes, there are moments of choice. That’s why you have to try at the very beginning of the game, before making a decision whether you like it or not.


This interesting game takes place in a variety of locations: at home, in the park, in a bar and other places. To continue the game you need to do different actions and get bonus money for it. You will get to know many attractive girls and sexual adventures!


The main character of this interesting and unusual game named Logan has recently been released from prison. He received a brutal punishment for his sexual crimes and now it is very difficult for him to get a good job. His only job is as a janitor at the Macho Hotel. The main goal of the game is to earn a good reputation. Your choice influences the ending. Be sure to read the thoughts of the players before doing anything. Some players want to fuck and some don’t want to.


The heroine of this hentai porn game name is Etsuko Nakamura. Her study ends, but the money for the new year is not enough. And although she is the best student, she has only one opportunity left to earn. She perfectly knows how to suck dicks and will show it with pleasure.


This is a fresh version of the quite famous anime porn game SIMgirls – and this is a new version 5.24. The match is created as a visual publication, but with a lot of elements of harassment and rpg inside. For example, you will start by choosing the emotional type of your personality and choosing it for yourself. After that, you will have the opportunity to improve your character. You can participate in the afternoon, including during training and sleep, as well as in any tasks after class. The reason why you need to do all this? Just because it will allow you not only to talk to the sexy ladies you will meet in sports, but also to fuck them all together. Disobedient girls will need a real job – as it happens in real life! Sooner or later you will become an adult with your professor! And how many of these cute animes can you fuck?


This is an RPG style porn game with turn-based combat elements. You have to read a lot of dialogues and you might think that this is an erotic novel or a great story. But this sex game for Android was created based on exclusive author’s comics with enough adult materials. You need to walk and talk with the characters, many different characters will be available. You can also fight with monsters and zombies. In the end, you have to participate in various sexual scenes with many heroines.


One day in the distant future you travel in deep space on a ship. The crew needs urgent help and you must explore the territory of the ship to find the danger. As a result of this investigation, you will get to know the sexy girls from the crew and you can have sex with them and relax.


The heroine of this flash porn game went to hell and in order to get out she needs to go through many levels. Each level will have its own task of collecting souls or finding things. Each task you learn from the dialogue with the inhabitants. All your knowledge and sexual skills will be useful to you to pass this test.


Our heroine turns to a monster for help and asks her to hide from the chase. She stole the king’s jewel and the guards run after her. But in order to avoid captivity she must fight a monster who wants to rape her in every hole! Take part in the battle with this sexy bitch and you will see her fucked after the fight.


Once upon a time there lived a very quiet, wicked, serious, cold-blooded witch and a dark witch. Her life was surrounded by a crowd of servants, as well as various monsters. A lot of trolls, goblins and various creepy creatures lived next to her. To at least somehow relax, she invented various sexual pleasures. Complete the battle with the magician and learn more about this depraved dark lady.


This game contains erotic material intended for adults only. After a hard day you want to relax and find porn videos. You go to an adult store, but it is closed at this time. Try to find the form from people on the street and get it in your hands to relax at home by the TV.

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You have 3 weeks to continue the dispute and seduce 3 beauties. Make a plan for the first half of the day: a gym, running or swimming pool. Also, you need to monitor the strength and endurance of the girls, as well as keep track of the mood. In lunch, choose a store, a hospital or a job. Well, in the evening, it’s best to choose sex.


The purpose of the game – meeting 4 months with the girls, regularly fuck them and stay on good terms with all three beauties. To do this, you will need all your mind, as well as wealth and power. In order to pump the necessary skills you need to visit different places: a library, a gym, a swimming pool, shops and work. Also, do not forget to watch for fatigue, if it is big, then you need to rest more. Also remember that at the weekend you should not work.


The scientific experiment on hormone therapy for men led to sad consequences. All men turned into aggressive beasts. Your task is to help them deal with this problem.


Eros, the god who patronized male love, celebrates adulthood. Traditionally, he must undergo several tests to prove his prowess in his new incarnation. The game uses a simple scissors mechanism for paper scissors, try different combinations to detect bizarre movements that you can do.


Two experienced wrestlers with monsters fall into the realm of the dead. They fought demons and threw them into the underworld to save the inhabitants of their world. But in this underground kingdom there are their secrets and laws. Choose on the character, and try to save energy, and then release to shoot. The more you wait, the stronger and more powerful will be the shot and explosion at the end.


A guy named Kenny is the main character of the game. He is still very young and therefore can not concentrate on studying, when there are so many sexy girls around. Therefore, he often gets poor grades. To get a muscular body, he goes to a special camp in the summer. In this camp, sex is used to gain experience. You are waiting for funny puzzles and a wonderful game script with beautiful graphics.

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The industry of porn games for adults is improving daily, producing hundreds of interesting, exciting and very exciting games. Each game is unique, has sexy characters, quality sound, exciting plot. This allows users to have a great time, masturbating and pleasing themselves in any way. The only requirement of such games is that the player must be over 18 years of age, in some countries - over 21 years. Because porn games have obscene images and appropriate animation.

There are many genres of adult porn games, each of which meets the needs of the respective user. One such genre is RPG porn games, which stands for role playing game. The meaning of games in this genre is that the gamer plays in the first person, being a direct character. The goal of the game is to create an atmosphere that will make the player feel as if he is fucking a beautiful girl, as if his dick is taken in his mouth and masturbated, as if he is having sex with a sex doll. The advantage of these games is that they allow you to plunge into the fantastic porn world with your head, perform erotic activities based on your own desires. RPG porn games give the opportunity to realize dreams that are ashamed to realize with a partner. Or have sex with a pretty girl, if in reality a partner is absent.

In RPG porn games, the gamer can make decisions that lead to certain consequences. Typically, in the final, these decisions lead to sex with a preoccupied sexy babe, ready to do anything to satisfy sexual desire. Fulfilling certain quests, you get closer to fulfilling dissolute desires and having sex with erotic excited babies. The reward for passing each level in the RPG sex game can be the execution of a certain desire: the baby will take off some of the clothes, will caress his chest, pussy, or fisting, or jerking off your character. Winning is considered a sex game, which can take place in different positions depending on the preferences of the player.

RPG porn games differ in quality graphics, because the developers have a goal - to create the most realistic conditions for the player to fully immerse themselves in the story, becoming an equal participant. Games are equipped with excellent sound, which makes you feel as if the action is not in the game on the screen of your phone, computer, laptop or tablet, and in real life - in your room, office, apartment.

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The main feature of RPG porn games is interactivity, the ability to engage the user. There are RPG porn games with different plots and characters. Heroes of the games can be absolutely different: anime drafts, sexy porn actresses, fantastic beauties, etc. Each character is endowed with special sexuality, beauty and sensual forms: big tits, huge asses, wet clitters and anuses. Often the games depict cocks in order to show the player the abilities of girl characters. Thanks to the excellent quality RPG porn games can come from touching the beauty of the depicted penis. It feels like this is happening in real life, which has a positive impact on the plot.

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